Above Air Technologies has provided innovative HVAC production solutions for commercial and industrial applications since 2023.  As the leader in comfort, precision, and high percentage outdoor air equipment design, AboveAir has deployed thousands of tons of equipment across North America.  


Experts in DOAS applications with semi custom packaged solutions from 3-140-tons available with energy recovery options.  Air-cooled, water-cooled and heat pump options to help completement any building HVAC system.  Split systems from 3.5-80 Tons that feature the latest technology to provide energy savings and precise control.  

AERMEC, founded in 1963 in Italy, and brought to the North American market in 2008, offers some of the most innovative products on the market.  Air to Water, Water to Water, Balanced, Unbalanced, Free Cooling, Modular, Process, you name it in the chiller market and AERMEC has a solution that is both energy efficient and affordable.  The same can be said for their fan coil line with the quietest fan coils in the world!  Hydronic cooling at its best.  

The air quality solution that balances health and energy efficiency in any building.  AirThings for Business solution includes several indoor air quality monitors, each designed for spaces with varying occupancy., uses and requirements.  The wireless sensors make them very easy to install and retrofit friendly.  IAQ sensors available monitor Particular Matter, CO2, VOC’s, Humidity, Temp, Radon, Pressure, Light & Noise.  All of this data is then reported back to the online Dashboard that trends the data into helpful IAQ reports that can help you address IAQ issues and improve energy efficiency with any building.  Use our accredited monitors to help you achieve wellness and sustainability certifications.  


Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning more than 120 years ago.  Today we build on a legacy of leadership with a complete line of equipment, controls, and service designed to delivery and maintain industry-leading performance with less energy and lower environmental impact.  

ClimaCool is the leading manufacturer of configurable modular chiller systems.  ClimaCool chillers are the modern alternatives to traditional chiller systems, offering innovative solutions for building owners, system designers and installers.  With the design configuration flexibility and broad range of our modular chiller choices, we offer savings that large conventional chillers can’t match, especially in heat recover and free cooling applications.  Whether your application requires air-cooled, water cooled or heat recovery, we have a chiller and solution that will fit your specific protect requirement.  

For over 50 years, ClimateMaster has provided top-notch geothermal energy solutions for business and home environments around the world.  Whether it is a needed to reduce sound, fit a product into a smaller space, make it easier to service, achieve better efficiencies, or satisfy government regulations, ClimateMaster leads the industry in advancing the form, fit and function of water-source and geothermal heat pumps.  

Founded in 1978, Desert Aire manufactures high performance, energy efficient dehumidifiers and dedicated outdoor air systems.  Their products set the bar for climate control within humid environments like pools and spas.  Their ingenuity has enabled Desert Air to address important dehumidification issues such as ASRE 62 and IAQ as well as energy recovery and savings.  

VRF is commercial made easy.  VRF products are 20-30% more cost & energy efficient than traditional air conditioners.  This results in quiet, comfortable, energy-efficient environments for a varity of applications, including hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, churches and more.

Hays Fluid Controls, founded in 1865, is well known for their Automatic Flow Control valves and has been the exclusive supplier to the US Navy for these devices since 1963.  Hays’ product line has expanded to reach commercial, residential and industrial applications as well.  If their products are relied upon for top secret, mission-critical applications on naval submarines, just imagine the quality and competence these products can bring to commercial applications.  


REYMSA Cooling Towers has been in the cooling tower business for over 40 years and offers the best Non-Corrosive Cooling Tower on the market.  An industry leading 15 year warranty on the body of the cooling tower and a 5 year warranty on the direct drive fan speak to the confidence REYMSA has in the design and quality of the product. 


RuppAir is a leader in many categories including direct/indirect fired MAU’s, exhaust fans, HVLS fans, and now DOAS.  RuppAir DOAS come in 5-30 tons and include standard features such as fully modulating variable speed compressors, modulation hot gas reheat, direct drive plenum supply fans, ECM condensing fans, modulating heat options whether you need natural gas furnace options or electric heat.  An air source heat pump option also allows in the RuppAir DOAS unit to maintain precise controls, lead the way in energy efficiency and maintain unprecedented humidity control.  The icing on the cake is the 2-3 week lead time on this outstanding award winning product.  


The Swegon Gold product provides clean and fresh air with some of the most energy efficient are handling units and fans on the market.  The high performance and long-term financial benefits set the standard for future generations of air handling units.  The team of knowledgeable & experienced design experts are ready to help you design a highly efficient and comfort based HVAC solution.   


Tempeff can trace its roots back to the late 1970’s when the DualCore Technology was pioneered in Europe.  Building on this history they are pleased to offer the highest quality energy recovery equipment with the highest efficiency available.  Tempeff is continually innovating, with new designs on the horizon that will assure building owners are getting the best value possible.  With semi-custom options including segmented cabinet construction, ERV wheels fixed laten cores, heat pipes and more, if you have a challenging application, Tempeff can com up with the perfect solution.  


United CoolAir has been providing all-indoor HVAC products for comfort cooling and dedicated outdoor air since 1988.  Utilizing the most efficient technologies, UCA delivers products for all aspects of new construction, retrofit, renovation and replacement.  We are making the world safer, healthier and more productive.  

VTS Group – we are a manufacturer of technically advanced equipment for the HVAC industry. We use innovative technologies in the areas of design research, production and logistics.We offer highly standardized air conditioning, ventilation and heating devices. In North and South America we supply:• air handling and air conditioning units – VENTUS American, VENTUS Compact, VENTUS S-type• air curtains – WING• heating units – VOLCANOProduct quality, price and delivery time are the main elements of the company’s development strategy which make the VTS Group a valued business partner in the global HVAC market.
The company was founded in 1989 and continues to be a family business.