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QAS is Indiana’s authorized representative for the industry's top manufacturers. We have an intricate knowledge of each company's product lines. Read a little about each of our suppliers below, or click the link to the right to skip to details about our service areas for each manufacturer.


Addison is a leading supplier or heating, cooling and dehumidification products for commercial and industrial installations. These products can be used in new construction and retrofit applications. Their standard cooling product offering is ideal for retail, educational and institutional markets, with special higher tonnage units are also available for larger applications. Their specialties also include Geothermal technology, rooftop air handling units, heat pumps, split systems, advanced control systems and gas-fired units, including low intensity infrared heaters.

Addison’s modern production facility and knowledgable engineering teams enable them to supply custom systems with a multitude of air management solutions to meet unique specifications.

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AERMEC, founded in 1963 in Italy, and brought to North America in 2008, offers some of the most innovative products on the market. Air to water, Water to Water, Balanced, Unbalanced, Free Cooling, Modular, Process, you name it in the chiller market and AERMEC has a solution that is both energy efficient and affordable. The same can be said for their fan coil line with the quietest fan coils in the world! Hydronic cooling at its best.

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Airthings is a global leader within indoor air quality solutions for consumers, businesses and professionals. The company’s highly innovative solutions resolve global issues related to air quality and air contaminants, while at the same time enabling a reduced CO2 footprint by optimizing energy consumption in buildings. Airthings is led by a team of experienced engineers and technology professionals that together share a common goal: to empower the world to breathe better.


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Carrier provides sustainable solutions in heating, air conditioning, building automation and energy services for the building lifecycle. Whether retrofitting an existing structure or designing and constructing a record-setting skyscraper, today’s buildings demand sustainable solutions.

Carrier building solutions are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of building types and applications, and their solutions deliver industry-leading performance with less energy and lower environmental impact.

Carrier also provides commercial refrigeration solutions to meet the needs of all types of storage facilities, supermarkets and even smaller convenience stores. Our systems are available in a wide variety of unit styles, each recognized for quality, performance and energy efficiency.

Lastly, as founding company number one of the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC), Carrier has been a leader in green building from the beginning. They consult on some of the world’s most advanced green building projects and offer green building training and education services to customers and employees across the globe through the Carrier University Institute for Sustainability. They are USGBC’s largest LEED® education provider.

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ClimaCool designs and manufactures modular chiller systems configurable to meet your requirements. Our modular chillers are ideally suited for all commercial systems including heat recovery and heat pumps, free cooling, geoexchange central plants and variable flow systems.

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ClimateMaster is the world’s largest and most progressive leader in the water-source and geothermal heat pump industry. The company emerged from the marriage of several water-source heat pump companies in a blending of strengths to form a focused organization. For over 50 years, ClimateMaster has provided top-notch geothermal energy solutions for business and home environments around the world.

Great products are born from necessity. Whether it is a need to reduce sound, fit in a smaller space, make easier to service, achieve better efficiencies, or satisfy government regulations, ClimateMaster leads the industry in advancing the form, fit and function of water-source and geothermal heat pumps. The company’s Design Team continually strives for even the slightest improvement in its products

All of ClimateMaster’s 610,000 square feet in facilities operate in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which means ClimateMaster units are manufactured in the United States using American labor.

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The CosaTron Air Purification System is a clean air technology that works. CosaTron Systems treat the air, making the fine particles larger, so they can be removed by the ventilation system. CosaTron is installed as a component of your HVAC system, it enhances the performance of your filters, making them more efficient, without generating ozone or ionizing the air; leaving behind only fresh, clean, recirculated air!

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Custom Air Handling and Heat Transfer Package Solutions

Custom Air Handling Solutions, Inc. (CAHS) was founded in 2005 as Hydronic Technologies, Inc.  Hydronic Technologies focused on building Hydronic Boiler, Chiller, and Heat Transfer packages as well as plumbing packages that included PRV stations and domestic water packages. In late 2018 Kari Chapman acquired Hydronic Technologies and added Custom AHU/ERV/DOAS to the product offering.  With the added products, Kari determined that re-branding the company as Custom Air Handling Solutions, Inc. would be the best way to show the change and future vision of the company.

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Data Aire

For over 40 years, Data Aire has been providing cutting-edge data center climate control equipment. Their innovative technology has resolved the problems of overheated and humid data centers in thousands of mission-critical applications in the for the telecommunications, financial, technological, insurance, health care, government, education and entertainment industries.

Their Precisions Air Conditioning technology provides detailed monitoring and control over the humidity, temperature and airborne particulates of the operating environment of your data center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No two data rooms are alike, and Data Aire offers a robust array of product configurations and options that we rely on to match your installation requirements.

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Desert Aire

Founded in 1978, Desert Aire manufactures high performance, energy efficient, refrigeration-based dehumidifiers, as well as dedicated outdoor air systems. Their products set the bar for climate control within humid environments like pools and spas.

Over the past 30+ years, Desert Aire’s engineers have devoted countless hours of extensive research and experimentation to developing advanced methods of moisture removal. Their dehumidifiers use components carefully chosen for reliability, are sized for maximum moisture removal capacity, and combined into logically arranged systems. Each design reflects a concern for maximizing dehumidifier energy efficiency by using the latest in proven technology. Their ingenuity has enabled Desert Aire to address important dehumidification issues such as ASHRAE 62 and IAQ as well as energy recovery and savings.

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Hays Fluid Controls, founded in 1865, is been committed to exceeding customer expectations, building high quality products, and providing a friendly safe environment for their employees to work in. Hayes is well known for their Automatic Flow Control valves and has been been the exclusive supplier to the US Navy for these devices since 1963. In fact, their Mesurflo® technology, has been controlling the chilled water systems on submarines, surface vessels and other military systems for over 35 years.

Hays’ product line has expanded to reach kitchens and bathrooms, industry and even with solenoid valves, manual and automatic flow controls, special valves for irrigation systems, pulse meters and more. If their products are relied upon for top secret, mission-critical applications on submarines, just imagine the quality and competence theses products can bring to commercial applications.

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Lennox produces a wide range of innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems designed to reduce the operation costs, energy consumption and environmental impact of commercial buildings. The Stuttgart, Arkansas, plant maintains the shortest factory lead times in the industry. AN industry leader in protecting indoor air quality, occupant health and employee and customer comfort, Lennox has been committed to innovation since 1895.

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A.B. Modine founded Modine Manufacturing Company in 1916 and has grown into an integral part of the world climate control marketplace with sales approaching $1.5 billion. Their roots were in building cooling systems for the burgeoning automobile and aeronauts industry of the early 20th century. They built components for Ford’s Model T in the 20s and for the P-51 fighter plane during World War 2. As the decades passed, Modine became more specialized in applications for residential and commercial applications.

From the beginning, Modine has applied innovative thermal technology to meet its customers’ needs, with breakthroughs yielding state-of-the-art customized heating and cooling solutions.

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Rupp AMS

Rupp Air Management Systems has been manufacturing tempered make-up air units and other ventilation products since 1965. Over this time, their name has become synonymous with superior high quality, quick lead times, innovation and competitive pricing. These are the tenets by which we operate and we continue to strive to improve our product offering and ability to serve an ever-changing industry.

Rupp Air understands the value of designing the best system for a specific use; whether that be warehouse heating, ventilation for a welding shop or paint booth or designing a fully integrated kitchen ventilation system. From exhaust fans to heating and ventilation, Rupp products are designed to be installed and maintained with as little hassle as possible. Each piece of equipment undergoes a complete and stringent series of tests to ensure that the unit is durable and operates reliably for years to come.

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REYMSA Cooling Towers has been in the cooling tower business for over 40 years and offers the best Non-Corrosive Cooling Tower on the market. An industry leading 15 year warranty on the body of the cooling tower and a 5 year warranty on the direct drive fan speak to the confidence REYMSA has in the design and quality of the product.

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The Swegon Gold product provides clean and fresh air with some the most energy efficient air handling units and fans on the market. The high performance and long-term financial benefits set the standard for future generations of air handling units. The team of knowledgeable an experience design experts are ready to help you design a high efficient and comfort based HVAC solution.

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Tempeff North America can trace its roots back to the late 1970’s when the Dual Core® Technology was pioneered in Europe. Building on this history we are pleased to offer the highest quality energy recovery equipment with the highest efficiency available.We are continually innovating, with new designs on the horizon that will assure Tempeff North America customers are getting the best value possible.

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